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Do we do what we say?    This is what you said.................




Not only listened but asked questions to draw out further details to improve the quality of the brief.


Have enjoyed working with you on this......appreciate your help and the professional approach you have taken with finding "x" for us


A wide enough range was provided to allow selection


Service has been outstanding and very efficient


We landed an outstanding candidate


The process was progressed quickly and we were able to interview good candidates


Rhyl took time to understand the role, and the best fit of person for our culture


I thought the service was very professional and had no issues with any part


I am extremely happy with Nayler for recruitment.  I use a range of recruiters however, I find Nayler to be consistently the best


We felt that there was value for the service provided


I have total confidence in Nayler to understand what we are looking for, find good candidates and to fulfil the recruitment.



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